Monday, October 1, 2007

House of the Mouse

So once a year one of the guide dog clubs sponsors a day at Downtown Disney. About 50 dogs and their people come from about California and Arizona, lots of fun filled with dog health checks, training evaluations, a ride on the mono-rail and if the dog is lucky a chance to sniff new dog butts. Waffle sailed through most of the challenges they had set up. Walking through a crowded store, resting quietly under a table, ignoring food and other distractions. So that makes up happy, but sad, our little Waffler is growing up. Everyone loved her, especially her name, she was a picture of sweetness and light the whole day. GOOD DOG WAFFLE

It was a good day, the Waffler turns out to be a good luck charm as well. they have a prize give aways and we bought about $20.00 worth of tickets. All sorts of baskets were up for grabs, we wanted the one with 40lbs of dog food and the one with a gift certificate for two nights at the INN MARIN. So we went around and dropped off tickets into little bags with the hope that when time came around our ticket would be pulled.......and much our surprise we won, NOT once BUT twice. Waffle won a bag of dog food bigger than her and we won two nights at Inn Marin - which is useful as that is the hotel of choice when we go up for GDB's open house also known as Fun Day. So all in all not a bad day for the waffler.

here is Waffler in the lap of her friend Krister, she's such a flirt.

Here is Waffle and her friend Gallica, there were waiting outside of the ESPN cafe waiting their turn. To kill time they both tried help each other get rid of their halti's. sorry guys no luck

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