Sunday, October 14, 2007

We Dodged the Recall

Had a few moments of panic, when I saw a note on a puppy raising list serv from a former raiser from our club. She was co-raising with another family who have take over Gallica's training while she is at college. Well both Gallica and Tabasco are on the January recall list. Waffle isn't - wheeewwww. I mean we knew it was going to happen in the new year, most dogs are recalled between 14-18 months. Waffle will be 18 months in February. But you hate to hear the official news. So far we don't have that list, but we figure that's when she will go.

Why she isn't on the Jan list? She and Gallica and Tabasco are about 10 days apart in age. Well someone once told me when GDB needs pups for a class, they start down the list of available pups and when they have enough they stop. Thats what I was told with Tacoma, and I figure that Waffle might have dodged the recall by virtue of her name. But then again often there is no rhyme or reason for what GDB does.

Anyway speaking of recalls, here is a picture from Jan of Career change (i.e. flunked out) pup Tacoma, she was our first dog, here she is with mom and Waffle, just before she was picked up by her new family. Don't freak out over mom's face, just keeping a few things private.


JFINE said...

This picture is creepy.

Waffle said...

I know i know, I just don't have the software to blur her face.