Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Test Tube

Ever wonder what it is like to be in side a centrifuge? well I can tell you it is actually pretty fun.

OK... I never been in one, but if you have ever held on the the leash as you lab pup tucks her tail and loses her little mind you know what I am talking about. Yesterday I took the Waffler out to DHB and she pooped, which for some reason made her really happy and she got that bounce hop thing in her step, tucked her tail and did a confined version of the lab shuffle.

round and round and round and round we went. Me holding on for dear life and my sweet little girl running full out. even if I wanted to taking a photo would have been useless, so just take my word for it - it was like being in the tea cups at disneyland.

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Brittany said...

To get the video go to the myspace videos page and search for guide dogs for the blind and it should be one of the videos that comes up. Then click on it and when the next page loads below the video it says "Blog this" click on it and wait for the new window to load.

Then you can select and "copy" the HTML code that is in there.....it just looks like a ton of jibberish.

Then go to new post on your blog and switch to the edit HTML tab, and "paste" the HTML code into it. Then switch back to the compose tab and publish it! It should work as that is exactly what I did. Let me know if it wont work for you!

I love your blog by the way I hope you don't mind my linking to it.