Thursday, January 3, 2008

Good News - Bad News

Waffle just testing out the bed at the Inn Marin to make sure it was ok

Good news is that Waffle is still in training. She is still in Phase 2, but you expect that with the holidays and what not. The average time per phase can be 2-4 weeks depending on the dog and other things ---which leads me to the

Bad News, Waffle has been taken off of breeder watch :( which really has bummed my mother out. She wanted me to call Guide Dogs and convince them Waffle should be a breeder. I told her it doesn't work that way. She is convinced Waffle would have been great mommy material....... OR I wonder if there is there a deeper longing for grandchildren (or grandpups in this case) that neither my sister nor myself have yet seen fit to fulfill. hmmmm.

anyway Waffle will be fixed fairly soon if not already, which means more down time from training while she heals. So it is good news and bad at the same time. Like I said before at least she has made it this far.

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