Friday, January 11, 2008


New phase report, Waffle has moved up to phase three Yeah!, I miss having her around so I am reduced to OPD - other people's dogs.

Ok- I admit it, I've been cheating on Waffle. We dropped her off a little over a month ago and have been dog-less ever since then. I have to admit I was wondering do I miss the Waffle pup or just the general fun of a dog. Well last night I found the truth.

An old friend of mine called, I had not seen him for at least 8 months since he took a job in Northern California. He was house sitting for his parents on his way to a new job in China. Tim is really nice, it is just that you need to block out about 6 hours of your day, because he is sooooo chatty. Really wasn't up to it last night and was going to put him off unitl the weekend, but then he said the magic word (and it wasn't chocolate but).......DOG. German Shepard Dog to be exact, his parents had a new dog. I said I'll be there and by the way would you like some left overs (he doesn't cook).

So I drove over to meet the new pup.... except he wasn't exactly a pup, more like a small shetland pony! Kid you not, over 6 feet when he stands on his hind legs, can eat off the kitchen table without even stretching and had paws the size of pancakes (ok...maybe not that big) King is his name, he was a rescue from the pound, about 5 years old and a goof. You can tell he wants to be loved on but its a new experience for him. I was giving him a good ear squdge and he was just in heaven.

Here is the goof with some dog food stuck on his nose, which was funny until he thought I wanted to play and wanted to head butt me.

Finally Tim helped him out and wiped his nose. Silly boy.

Well for all the canine fun, he was still someone else's dog. I still miss my Waffle.

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