Thursday, January 24, 2008

Phase three

So new phase report, the Waffler is still in phase three not much new there, if she doesn't move up next week, we will start dusting out her kennel but until then hope spring eternal. Her sister Wallaby is now on Breeder Evaluation - where she is medically evaluated to see if she will join GDB's breeding colony one step closer to being a mommy. Better not tell mom, she really wanted a little eggo from the Waffler.


Waffle the goofy girl always hated her 'diaper' that she had to wear during her season. Here she is throwing a fit - I love the music in the background. Don't mind my mom in the background, trying to bribe her into submission.


Waffle said...

How embarrassing - full on video with me an my diaper. I feel so self-conscious. Do you think this diaper makes my butt look fat?

Sarah said...

My little Irie HATED her diaper too! She never threw such a nice fit like Waffle, but she did rub her butt on pretty much anything she could and pouted at us 24/7 :(

Waffle said...

yes waffle you always were a bit on the pot roast-y side of things. What are you doing out of your kennel? Phase three is hard and you know how much you like working.

and yeah sarah the waffler was the queen of sulking. Once when we put on her halti she went and sat face first in a corner for 45 mins. Shooting dirty looks over her shoulder the whole time. the diaper she just ran from.

thepuppyraiser said...

So, I know I'm a bit late, but I LOVE that picture at the top of your blog. Adorable!

Waffle said...

thanks! my girls- big one is Tacoma when she came home after she was CC'd. the other is waffle at around 4 months.