Sunday, April 20, 2008

Calendar pics

So Mom and I cheated a bit- since we both are co-raisers we each submitted a picture of the Waffle. Here is one of her better pictures, we have others but none with her uniform.

This was taken just before we got into the car to drive her back to GDB.
Unfortunately we don't have many good pictures Lani in uniform, I guess we will have to work on that for next year's calendar.
Things are quieting down her at home. Waffle is slowly adjusting to life as a house pet. She is wary and kind of unsure of what is going on. Lani, who is Waffle's half niece, is certainly playing the role of the little sis to the fullest. Waffle has let her know in uncertain terms that she will only tolerate so much, but that just winds up Lani who thinks it's great that the big girl is willing to engage her. It is kind of monkey see monkey do. If Waffle is drinking water, well Lani wants water, what ever toy Waffle is playing with Lani wants, they are even fighting over the kennel. It is a race to see who will get there first, whoever is second has to sleep free in my room--wah wah wah. Go figure who knew that was a consolation prize.


Hobbes Dogs said...

I have always loved that first picture of Wafle - good choice.

Emily, Maggie, and Angel said...

I hope we get to see lots of blogger dogs in the calendar next year! Good luck to Waffle on her ongoing transition to petdom!

Kelsey and Spike said...

That's a good pic. :) I'm glad that Waffle is slowly but surely adjusting to her new life as a pet!