Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Day

So on most Sunday's my pep's take me out to the local farmers market. I like it a lot bc I get soooo much attention! I guess I'm very sweet, well behaved, beautiful, and in need of much petting - gee I'm a rock star! That's what everyone kept telling me. Later we ran some errands Target, Costco and then we got a phone call. My Auntie Kathy called and said let's go to the Cherry Blossom Festival! Oooooohhhh more people and lots and lots of DOGS! Mom put my Halti on bc I was 'acting out'. One little sniff-- ok it was more than one but hey I'm still a pup.

Me - Laughing at convention

Mmmmm bacon

I'm being stalked by a small child

Is that popcorn I smell?


Make sure to take time to smell the roses

Afterwards we ran a lot of errands, including a quick trip to the Cherry Blossom Festival.

At Target they have these really cute garden sets for kids all with different animal themes. Mom tried to get me to try on the giraffe boots, but I told her they weren't my color. Here I am posing for the new GDB calendar, except mom forgot to move my leash- it's covering my jacket. By then I was sooo tired I pretended that if I had to look at the camera I was going to die! So mom and Auntie Kathy gave up and got a snow cone and...
I got a nap!

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