Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Weekend

Note I don't get control of the computer very often, so this post is very, very long
Lani writing her blog
Lani here- this is the 100th post so in honor of that Carrie let me take over the blog (Carrie: for now Lani, just for now)
I had a really big weekend I mean big I had a few friends over for the week end. My people's first GDB Dog Tacoma came over for a visit, her family went rock climbing and my friend Melody is coming over for a visit. My people said something about being an a lonely only. Whatever I didn't care I had so much fun.

Me and The Taco Bell

Tacoma is a big girl but I showed her, I needed her to remember that she was in my house. So I followed her around and whenever she peeed and I went right over and did my business right over it. That showed her!

Playing Tug with the Jolly Ball

She is BIG wow long legs and best of all she liked to play chase. I had two safe spots, one in the bushes and the other in the corner in the planter, I'd tag her turn and run, run, run and run, but she always got me - hence the safe spots. I'd catch my breath and then we'd start all over again. But then things got rough I had to show her who was boss - and you can see who learned the lesson.

But then Melody showed up...... and the party was on! Boy if you've never run wild with two of your best buds, you're missing out in life. It was a blast, mom was such a killjoy, we could run as much as we wanted outside. Inside was a different story- we were having so much fun only two of us could be out at a time. Something about wreaking havoc in the house - sshessh people live in the moment, you have Cesar Milan's book.

It was great they'd run left and I'd run left, they'd dart into the bushes and I'd take off after them as fast as my 4 month old legs could carry me. Mel is 10 months old and Taco is 3 years old so their legs are a lot longer and they have all their adult teeth. Mom says brushing mine should be a snap now - 'cuz most of them fell out!

This is pretty much how the whole weekend went. The two big girls playing and me tryin' to sneak in

Lani, Melody, and Taco

This is where Taco slept, all day she would go in and out of the kennel, but at bed time she refused! Man I need to take notes! My people gave in and let her sleep free, and while they were snoozing she jumped up on the bed/sofa what ever was around. Smoooooooth they never had clue.

Taco, Melody, and Lani all waiting for dinner, it was like musical bowls, once we were all done. Each of us would have to look to see if someone missed a bite.

Taco and Me

Mom says Taco is her problem child, what ever that means, she was the best behaved out of all of us. Mom would ask me to sit and Taco sat, I figured since one of us did it that we were good. Melody and I let Taco do all the commands all weekend. Couldn't figure out why mom was sooo cheesed off.

So Taco is a career change pup so she to me that just means she gets to eat snacks and sleep on the sofa, so while she was watching Oprah at home, Mel and I went to work. I went to my first movie. Horton Hears a Who. Can't say if I recommend it I never really saw much of it, during the Kung Fu Panda previews I got scared and bolted for the door. I don't care what you say, there is just something not right with a talking Panda (carrie's note: eehmm, eehhmm ah Lani a typing dog? ) So I spent the movie in the hallway. Afterwards we walked around the mall and did a little browsing at Borders, the Marley book is out in paper back.

Mom said something about lunch and I got happy, I used to get lunch but they cut that out a while ago. But you can tell by my expression, we weren't the ones eating.

So I won some sort of contest from GDB and they sent me a box full of beauty supplies, which I thought was pretty cool until I learned they all involved water. So my people set up a dog wash assembly line. Someone washed, the other dried.

Mel has the best hazel eyes, I've ever seen

Mom went photo crazy so embarrassing.

Well my weekend was a blast, lots of friends coming and going, shopping, movies even the bath wasn't so bad. My people said they have another surprise, something about Waffles. MMM covered in syrup and butter....... more about that later.


Me & my puppies said...

A busy and fun time was had by all! Great photos, thanks for sharing.

Anna and Lawrence said...

Sounds like so much fun!! Man! Posts like this make me wish I had a puppy...urg

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Awesome post! It looks like everyone had a fun and busy weekend. Keep us updated on Waffle.

Emily, Maggie, and Angel said...

Looks like quite the weekend you had there Lani! Your mom should let you on the computer more often... you are very articulate!

Brittany said...

It sounds like you had a great time with the big girls! I can't wait to hear the waffle news. My favorite picture is the one of the three girls waiting for their food.

Erin & Midnight said...

So cute! I love the pictures!!