Sunday, April 20, 2008


So the Waffle has finally figured out that she is staying, and has figured out that she is the big dog in the house. She has staked a claim on the bed in the kennel. Even though I have a bed outside of the kennel, she wants her old bed back! it is a race in the evening to see who gets there first. Who ever gets there 1st gets it for the night. Lani is still a pain in Waffle's ass, she takes toys that she is chewing on, bites her legs, jumps on her head ect... Alone with people Lani is great. All day today she walked on a loose leash, very little garbage mouth behavior no jumping, but place her with another dog and she becomes the devil's child! Everyone says that is normal, I hope she grows out of it.

I'm still watching to see if the play is dominance wrestling (a no-no with GDB), puppy play (ok, for a while) or Waffle just teaching Lani a lession. So tonight Waffle won the kennel race so Lani will have to sleep on tie-down at the foot of my bed.

So far the kennel score: WAFFLE 2, LANI 1


Anna and Lawrence said...

lol. I'm sure they'll figure out their status might just take a little while.

Brittany said...

Lani, Hobbs says to leave Waffle alone so you can become good friends! That is just so much more fun than competing all the time.