Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Furminator

So I did it. I was in a weak moment, I was reveling in all the things that I could now buy for Waffle, cute collars, leashes and dog treats I was in a buying mood. I dropped some big bucks for the thing.
I saw the red and white one at petco but I wasn't sure how well it worked and my will was still strong. "no way" I told myself that's a whole bag of dog food in that brush. We have tons of brushes: the zoom groom - Taco's fav, the shedding blade - Waffle's fav, a slicker brush - no one's fav, and a ton of other regular brush type of brush
But later on I was thinking I have two dogs now, there was hair all over the family room floor, I was looking fa stick vac so I could suck the hair up (yes I know a broom works for that) -But in my little mind I figured it was easier to brush her than to sweep it up later, especially if I brush her outside where I really don't have to sweep it up. aaaahhhhaaa cha-ching

all of this came from half of a full grown lab (not pictured Lani chased her away), she was sleeping on the other half
The verdict: Well it does get the hair off - does it do it better than the shedding blade yes and no. The furminator gets the deep undercoat and pulls hair that the blade misses and it seems to get the fur off in one sitting as opposed to a couple of brushings. Could we have done with just the shedding blade. Most likely - but hey I haven't had to sweep the floor this week.


Sarah and the Pack. said...

Sooo expensive, but after that first brushing, when the hair just keeps coming, and coming, and coming, it really seems worth it!

Kelsey and Spike said...

I love mine! But then again, it seems to never end with Chappelle. I brush him for days and hair keeps coming up. ;)

Megan & Sherman said...

I finally broke down and got one around Christmas time, and I LOVE IT! Best thing I have ever spent money on (Well, maybe not but I sure do love it) It is amazing how much hair it gets off of Sherm, I could make a new dog out of all the hair that comes off in one sitting. I definetly don't have to vacuum as often, I hate vacuuming!

Erin & Midnight said...

Ha you should make a sweater out of it! :-) we had a lady come into get her dog groomed at my job, that said she'd made a sweater out if the last time she got her shaved.

*weird...i know...LOL!!!