Thursday, June 5, 2008

Guess Who

Guess who we saw at Disney on Tues? It was Blitz! They were hanging outside of the Tortilla Factory in Cal. Adventure. We just saw the GDA jacket and went up to say hello. Turns out it was Blitz. His and Camry's blog were a few of the first that I read when I started blogging, since she went private, I miss keeping up with him. Any way he is way cute, kind of compact for boy, and a very very well behaved. He was hanging out eating a bit of ice, just chillin', Maui's raisers had him for this trip and they were great. Maui is in for training, and their new pup Bell (?) is too young for D-Land. It was nice to meet someone who I know from the blog-o-sphere.


Joanna and Camry said...

Oh how funny!!! Such a small world!!! Blitz, believe it or not, is one of the bigger males from GDA right now!! He's tall and lanky, but GDA seems to breed smaller dogs than GDB. Oh, and if you'd like to keep reading Blitz blog, I could email his raiser and ask her to add you... only if you want though!

Lani said...

Joanna please do, I'd love to keep up with both your blogs. email me at cmafuso at gmail . com

well all my girls have actually been pretty small, Waffle is two years old and she is just 50lbs, someone called her a lab-et. My leader just got a 8 week old great dane pup who is 42lbs!

thanks for the help.