Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We should have known better...

It was too good to be true, we've gotten in the habit of locking the girls up in the family room when we leave. Lani has been such a good pup we let her sleep free in the evenings (usually because she loses the kennel race at bed time); We go out to dinner, or run to the mall and all is fine. So last week we went to Disneyland, and left the girls in the family room for about 5 hours, and they were fine and so was the family room.

Well we should have know better than to tempt fate. We did a quick trip to Disneyland (we have passes, and next week starts the summer black out) left at noon and made it back around 5pm and guess what greeted us.........

"Geee Lani what's that fuzz on your face?.....And ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!!!????

I'm speechless - they ate the futon

Before.......... (she looks kind of proud of her work)


about 1 hour of re stuffing and a bit of patch work. I asked them what they were thinking and then it occurred to me they weren't. There is always one who is the naughty one, the one who starts it all....and mom and I laid bets on the baby. I wish I could have seen them in the act, what was so freakin' fun about ripping up the mattress? Who was in charge? and how much did they eat? WHOSE THE RING LEADER?

12 HOURS LATER ....... Lani puked and pooped fuzz


Waffle pooped fuzz too so it looks like it was a joint effort.

Actually let's be real it was our fault, we skipped morning walks for both girls - they were bored and well maybe the title should be "Idle paws are the devil's tools"

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Brittany said...

LOL, what a sight! Good job on reparing the futon though! Crazy puppies!