Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Time

Well I am sorry to see all the snow and cold weather in the rest of the country- we in S. Cali have been having a run of really nice weather. Over the weekend we went for a hike, the Waffler loved it, she met two other black labs - all bigger than her- and got to play inthe small stream. Sad to say we are in a drought so that maybe all the water we see out of it. dumb me forgot the camera. :(

Well not to rub it in too much but here is a picture of the Waffler infront of some crazy bush my gardner planted a few years ago. It blooms like crazy and smells really sweet. I missed the peak of the blooms this is kind of the tail end of things.

And it seems this weekend was GDB PIT bathday, the Waffler is squeaky clean and thus gets to enjoy the cc'd dog bennies of sleeping the sofa AND the bed.

So to all our blogger friends still wearing winter clothes, we are sending warm wags and kisses your way - from our sunny back yard. :-D

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Elizabeth and Peyton said...

I want your weather. We actually are going down to SoCal next week, so yay! ;)