Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thanks Cabana!

I meant to post something earlier but with Mom's accident and end of year events, I've been busy. Mom is doing better, thanks for all the good thoughts, we will know on Monday if she has to have surgery.

Thanks Mimi and Cabana!
I almost feel like I cheated, I really meant to throw this bone away, but somehow it ended up under the sofa - thus lived to help me win! The smiley face helps, but this is still a gross gross bone.
Thank you Mimi for the fun of the contest, the Internet can socially isolate folks or it can bring people together. In this case it is wonderful to know that I have a cadre of friends whom I can turn to and ask advice, rant to, or commiserate with. It is cool that we can all 'get together' - slightly geeky, but still cool.

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