Monday, June 8, 2009

The Family Album

Hey look what my mom emailed for me to post on the bloggPictures from the family album, this is me and my mom, I think she just picked me up, 'cuz I'm a shrimp

I guess I couldn't make up my mind which bed I wanted so I took both!

Mom gave me a bath right after she picked me up, she said I smelled like Kennel! eck!

Here are me and my buds, Shelby is 14 and Tedi her daughter is 7. I think I make a nice reverse Oreo cookie don't you think.

More baby photos, I was knocked out. Growing up is tiring work.
So it seems like forever since I've seen my pals, I bet they miss me. I chase Tedi around and keep her in shape, I like to chew on her ankles and ears don't know why but they are yummy! I play that game with Waffle, but as you know she is not too fond of it.
I've been really busy growing while I've been away. Mom you won't recognize me! I'm bigger than Waffle now, she still weighs more, but I'm taller. when I first came to their house, I tried to jump over Waffle but I got stuck, my front feet on the ground and my back up in the air, now I've got no problem crushing her in our hourly game of 'chase-me-until-we drop-or-we-get-in-trouble'. Today at work I got to go around and meet people who work here, and guess whaat they LOVE ME! I rolled over and showed them my tummy and got sooo many tummy rubs I was in heaven. This is one dog lovin' school. Mom you'd be proud of me, the whole time i walked around I was really good about walking on a lose leash, I didn't pull (well not too much), I still don't like to DMB outside of home, but I'm getting better. After all that lovin' I had to take a long nap, being good is hard work.
gotta go, it is almost time to play chase with Waffle. Miss you lots mom, wags and kisses to Shelby and Tedi.
tata for now

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Waterdogmom said...

Hi, Nisha! The "Golden Girls" and I miss you SO MUCH!! It sounds like you've been having a good time with Waffle and her peeps and that they're taking very good care of you. And it looks like you've really grown up this past month. You're probably bigger than Tedi by now--boy will she be surprised! I'm so proud of you for being such a good girl. Looking forward to having you home soon. Sending lots of hugs and kisses. Love you, Mom Linda~