Monday, October 6, 2008

Meli for President

Waffle, Melody and Lani- the displaced one.
We are puppy sitting an old friend this month. Yes I said month. Melody is back, she spent a weekend with us a while back, but has come to stay for her season. I guess our house has become the k-9 nunnery. Meli has two brothers, Tabasco a CC pup who is fixed, and Foxfire, Focus' brother who isn't. You'd think that he was a bit too young for that, but I guess not. So instead of getting Foxfire, we got Meli. She will be with us until the 20th. We had the three dogs for about 3 days, but it got to be too much. Especially bc Meli is a little crazy at the moment. On to of which she definitely has small dog complex. Right aways she jumped in bossing both pups around, she likes to arrange things to her liking, especially who gets to sleep where. She is a cutie but really feels like she ought to be running the show. A real cuddler, and master of the butt scoot. That's where she comes over to where she wants to sit and plants her rear between you and the other pup already occupying that spot. She really wants just to be a lonely only. We have a bit of a challenge with her, working on her house manners - she is extremely food aggressive. To the point of her snapping and jumping. Just when you think you're going to strangle her, she snuggles up to you and rolls over for a belly rub...*sigh* yeah she is a cutie, with good looks and charm she should run for president.

Again with those gorgeous hazel eyes

She really likes Waffle and they get along like peas and carrots. It is just poor Lani who is not happy with the situation. They started playing and in the struggle Lani ended up getting stepped on and was usually at the bottom of the proverbial dog pile. When things get tough she would go and hang out with me on the side lines. My poor girl.

Flat Stanley - nah flat melody- you can just see she is totally flat!

The Snuggle Bug

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