Friday, May 29, 2009

I hate shopping - or advantages of being a puppy

"What! I'm in the car!"

"no those pants don't make you look fat"


"I'm on strike where is my union rep. I thought it was in our contract no shopping."

So Nisha has definite opinions about shopping. SHE HATES IT. Forget fabric stores we were at Eddie Bauer and she demonstrated her knowledge of fire safety, and two steps into the door, stopped, dropped and rolled. Then laid there. It was then that I remembered "d'oh! she still a baby" so I should be glad she lasted as long as she did, I guess that last store pushed her over the edge.
Two advantages of being a puppy and having a melt down 1) no screaming and crying and 2) everyone thinks it was soooo cute that she was tired of shopping.

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Stacey said...

i forget that tabasco is still little too! i took him to the library this morning and he had an accident... partially his fault, but mostly mine. i'm so used to sitting mellie/lani/fox, who all had bladders of steel, that i forget he's barely seven months!

ah, the babies. :)