Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let's go camping

Two weekends ago I took Truffie out to the 3rd street promenade where I volunteer at the Youth Hostel. She was pretty good, just a few breaks in her down stay, not bad for two hours. Afterwords I took her around the shops to get her used to crowds, street vendors and pigeons. OH MY how we loved pigeons. She was channeling her bird dog roots that day. It was a great chance to work on obedience, between food, pigeons and people calling out to her, her head was swirling.

After a while I just took her jacket off. Two reason, one was just to let her decompress and be a regular dog who could sniff and look and be a pup and secondly - Freaky people of Santa Monica who all feel that it was OK to come up and pet your dog, distract your dog or engage you a LONG conversations about their own pets. PEOPLE I don't want to hear about how your dog DIED/RAN AWAY/OR WAS STOLEN! When the jacket came off it was amazing people just treated her as another dog on the street, maybe I was just oversensitive but it was nice just to blend into the Saturday afternoon crowd. I love being a puppy raiser and talking with the public is a big part of that, but after a while I'd had enough.

We went into our favorite store REI. They LOVE our labbies there. We walked all around up and down the stairs, looked over railings and tried out a few toys. Truffie was eying this as her new play house.

Now that I have a yellow lab I finally find black lab stuff. Not that I'd look good in a skin tight biking jersey and besides costs a paw and a tail....

Truffie wasn't sure about this one either. It had sooo many straps, clips, ties that it took us a while to figure it out. She was very good while I figured it out, I actually had it on her backwards!

and then for fun, who wouldn't love a pack of poodles! We saw all these guys while shopping at petsmart, Truffie was very intrigued by so many dogs just her size. Loved just how well groomed they all were.

It is supposed to rain here this weekend, so not sure what we will be doing - what's everyone else up to?

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Heather and Ellie said...

What a great outing with Truffie! That prey drive is a tough one--Ellie loves birds too.

I agree, taking off the cape can really be a relief. With the service dogs, they don't have a clear barrier like the guide dogs where cape means only working, no play, but cape off means free time. I expect it's a lot easier for the dog to have that barrier.