Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rock and Roll part 2

Yet again S. Cali was rocked by another earth quake

I had just parked the car outside of my Auntie's house in Laguna Beach and my mom and aunt were getting out of the car, and it started rocking. Pretty weird right? I checked to see if I had set the emergency break - yup. Car still shaking - Aunt getting out of the car - wow we're not skinny people but you know were not that fat that the car would move that much when we get out. Earthquake? mom and Aunt don't feel anything, it's all in my head. Well not really - my cousin comes out and says 'did you feel it?' Wow been through lots of quakes but never in a car outside. In a house everything creaks and rumbles and it seems easier to hear the quake before feeling it. This was the 1st time I felt but did not hear it.

I like this video - it was shot just 10 miles north west of where we were, plus there is a sleeping dog in the video. I know people say animals can sense the quakes, but the last two the pups slept through. Truffie who was in the car with us, didn't offer a pep!

Alright my S. Cal bloggers are you ready?
don't forget:
*food for your pup
*toys and bedding
*an extra leash
*1 gal of water per day for at least 3 days
*copies of your pup's shot record
*a recent picture in case you need to make missing posters

I found this company near my house, they make boxed water. Sounds crazy but it is packaged like juice boxes, it is sealed and good for 5 years. I keep some in my car as well as stored in the garden shed. It is a pain to put a quake kit together, but offers mucho peace of mind.

Aqua Blox, LLC Western Division
12000 East Slauson Avenue, Suite #3
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Phone: 1-562-693-9599
FAX: 1-562-945-3133

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