Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm 5 months BIG!

How big are you?
Still filled with adorable cuteness.

Just after I stole the bone from Waffles, my Charming ways smoothed things over with my pal.

my monthly measurement. Jan vs April

I'm now almost two full fabreze bottles tall, that's 18 inches to the Fabreze-less out there.

I'm still on the look out for a good clown dog school, being a clown sounds a lot more fun than being a guide dog. I mean it is a noble profession, but a girls just gotta have some fun, I'm not sure I wanna have to go to work every day. Besides I LOOOOVE people, they are the best, I love to lick them, I love to jump on them, I love belly rubs, I love to lick their toes and I love to play --Play ---PLAY! BFF says I still have lots of time to make up my mind what I want to do. But the sun is out who wants to think about a job. LETS GO PLAY!

what else about me? right now I'm a little snaggle toothed at the moment I have only 2 of my 4 k-9's in my mouth. BFF hasn't put me on the scale yet but she thinks I'm about 30 ish pounds, I love my kibble, my jolly ball and oddly enough I don't mind picking up metal in my mouth. One of my best buds at work is uncle Tim, he lets me play with his keys. I pick them up and try to play keep away, but 1) I'm on a leash at work and someone eeeh hemm (BFF) usually corrects me and 2) he has keys to the ENTIRE college and his key chain is the size of my head. Try running with that in your mouth.

knock on wood, I'm potty trained, even when I am playing. (Carrie: we used to have a little problem when in the middle of a game, she would just realize she had to go NOW! but she now understands that the game will still be there even if she stops to potty)

Other than that being 5 dosen't feel all that much different than being 4 - how big are you?


Erin and GuidePupPompei said...

Woof! I'm 5 months big too! And i probably taller dan you cause I'm 20 inches :-)) and I like putting anything in my mouth too!!


OSU 98 said...

Our squishy yellow puppy has the same problem in the middle of game time....