Sunday, February 20, 2011

Illegal distractions

My Last Agility Class by Waffle

I had my last agility class last week and boy was it fun! We learned the 'A' frame, silly humans to get us to go up it they put a treat on each bar! one step - nom, two steps- nom nom three steps- nom nom nom! Yum! that silly poodle Marie, might not be so silly. They really had to pour on the treats to get her up and over. Me I was just my happy labbie self and may have shot myself in the paw by running up and over, up and over and up and over, for just 1 treat! D'oh!

Since there are only two of us in the beginning level we ran through the training part pretty fast, to keep us interested they put together two elements that we know just to spice things up. Well this was the last class so we had the 'a' frame, three standard jumps and the tire jump. Well it is just between me and that silly poodle, on my first run I ran it just right! Yeah Me! Marie needed a little reminder about the jump but did really well. The second time I ran it, our instructor was cutting some Frosty Paws for our after class treat, but the table was right by the A-frame, I couldn't help myself... my nose said hey that smells yummy, why would I pass that up? so in the middle of my run I stopped by the snack table to see if I could score a little munchie. Everyone was laughing at me and telling to focus and I was....on the frosty paws. BFF pulled me away and I finished out the run.

I call that an illegal course distraction, I mean who wouldn't stop for some frosty paws? What do you think my agility friends?

ps BFF lost her camera - in her house non the less- sad but true.

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Mango said...

Well, these things happen. At one of our classes a bunch of treats somehow wound up inside the tunnel. Needless to say, it slowed down a few of the students considerably.