Sunday, February 27, 2011

more practicing

BFF says that I need to keep practicing being good. I think I'm pretty good already, but someone begs to differ. Today she told me I was going to the Dog Haus, but I already have a house are we going home? I asked, instead we loaded up my best hide and seek buddy David J and headed out the door and arrived here. YUP you guessed it, another place for me to practice at, but what am I supposed to practice!???. It was a HOT DOG STORE!, they served nothing but hot dogs and tator tots. Come on guys hot dogs.... how could you, it's not like we dogs have a human restaurants. Before things got grizzley David leaned over and explained that the 'dogs'  were mostly pig and not dogs....whewwwww. Silly humans why not call it a Pig Haus instead. That David is one smart guy he is 7, which makes him 1 in dog years no wonder we get along so well. 

With that little mistake cleared up, I settled down in a good spot to watch all the action, unfortunately BFF made me move, I guess the middle of the isle is not a good place to be. My adorable cuteness was distracting to the other dinners, so I agreed to under the table - which turned out to be a bonanza. You see David's mom and sister Zoe met up with us, and well Zoe- she is still practicing too. She likes to eat but isn't very good at it. A lot ended up on her face, fingers, shoes, the floor - man that girl needs some help- and being the good helper dog that I am, every now and again I would reach up and help clean her paws off.  We had a good thing going until she burst out in giggles and then the gig was up. Out came the baby wipes and I got moved to the other end of the table. 

shhessshhh I was just doing what BFF told me to do.....practicing being good!

Carrie: ok dear readers don't rat me out, I don't think she got much if any food, and actually most of the stuff on the floor she ignored, but she just could not stop herself from licking little Zoe's catsup and tator tot flavored fingers, and Zoe thought it was funny and bust out in little giggles it was too cute for words. 

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