Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So this big bruiser is Ross, he came to visit college to see if he would like it. He already goes to high school, with his raiser. We traded pups, so that Rick could have a look at Truffie, she is getting near to recall and he likes to look at the dogs so he has an idea of whose who.
Only 8 months old he is almost twice as big as Truffie (but who isn't) and handling him is like holding a frisky colt. Like the typical lab that he his, he loves people and hates his halti. We worked on just wearing his halti and walking not leaping, he brought a picnic dinner and we had a nice snack before heading off to our meeting. 

Not sure if he was impressed with college, kind of slept through most of the afternoon. Silly Boy...


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

He's a handsome boy! Do you know who Ross' dam and sire are?

Rudy - The dog with a blog said...

He sounds like a lot of fun!
Love the pictures, looks like a sweetie.

Rudy's Raiser

mwc said...

Melody and Simon are Ross' parents. This was Melody's second and final litter. I've had a chance to puppy sit Ross as well and he is a sweet boy. Although, yes, he really hates his Halti.

Carrie and Waffle said...

Thanks Michelle, I had no clue who his pees were.

OSU 98 said...

Dear Waffle,

No worries, I have not yet come to the dark side. I learned on Monday that birthday wishes are a crock of crap, as when I blew out my candles and opened my eyes, the little yellow monster was still there.

No worries, dear Waffler, as he is about to be humbled in a big way. Yep you guessed it, mom has made good on her promise of chopping his you know whats off. Hopefully, this settles the youngin' down somewhat and he will leave me alone, or at least be somewhat less obnoxious. But I am not holding my breath...and March 1 is still a whole month away.

Yours in sisterhood,

Chelsie Belle