Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My last outing

My friend Ackman

'I think I'm supposed to have boots on to climb up here'

One of the last outings I took Truffie on was out to volunteer at the Youth Hostel and then to walk the 3rd street promenade. While shopping at REI a kid asks if he can pet Truffle, I usually say 'you have to ask your parents' and then leave before they can come back. But he was quick and I was slow, we start talking and he says his brother has a service dog so off we go to meet his family and their dog. Ackman is a Autism  service dog, his boy likes to wander away and he is trained to find him! Very cool. I got the feeling that while the dog is supposed to help the boy, it is really the parents who do the handling. 
It was nice to see another working dog. I can only hope that the next working dog I meet will be Miss Truffie. 


Mango said...

Always good to see a dog doing a good job. It is a labor of love to raise a service dog and then have to say goodbye.

Mango Momma

Erin and Co. said...

Nooo you're not supposed to live yet Truffie!!

Ps. with ASD the parents are in charge of the team, as most of the time the kids can't be trusted on their own. :)