Saturday, May 21, 2011

They never learn by The Waffler

You know my doggie pals, peeps never learn. They just got rid of one problem and they go and get another! 

Look at that blank stare, to quote my pal Mango "Dofus" the dog not the person. Why would they go and get another one, when I am so perfect? I mean really folks this can't keep happening. A girl can only take so much. 

Thank goodness she goes to work, otherwise she spends the day lazying around the house sleeping. Now I know you might be saying to yourself 'Waffle you sleep most of the day too' WRONG! I'm providing needed companionship to my people, by laying around in their path, sleeping on their beds, and following them into the bathroom they are reminded about how important I am to their lives. 

This one all she does is sleep, play and pee

And worst of all she has cooties

And I think there is something wrong with her, she seems to collect metal. *GASP* MAYBE SHE IS AN ALIEN. Look what she found, the little beast, it could be part of a plan to capture to take over the house, if she uses the metal detector in her mouth, she will collect all the......

Carrie: Waffle

and then she use that to.....

Carrie: WAFFLE!

before you can say Bob's your uncle it has us all lined up next to 'how to cook for Humans'.

Carrie: WAFFLE!!! didn't you remember I told you she was just visiting! She goes home on Sunday. And her name is Limerick. She has brown eyes rimmed with green and she is a better reliever than you ever where. She is three months old, pees on concrete, and even when she doesn't have to go she will at least give me a courtesy squat. I told you all of this last week. *sigh* 
2/3 of the household will miss her when she goes. 


Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Darn, I thought she was staying. So when DO you get another one??

Megan & Snickers said...

Awe, Waffle. Things will be back to normal in no time. :) But, will Carrie be getting you a semi-permanent puppy friend? Also, we just got a puppy in Utah named Waffle. She is also a black lab but nowhere near your gorgeous looks. :)

Mango said...

I have to admit that peeing on concrete got me. Momma is always scolding me for being too fussy about where I pee. That little gal will do anything to please the humans. Glad she'll be gone soon so that you can be the center of attention again.


mwc said...

I think Waffle did a happy jiggle when I came to pick Limerick up. Sorry Waffle for leaving the little beastie at your house. Maybe when she's less puppy and more dog, she'll seem more agreeable.

Thanks again for watching her.

Michelle and Limerick