Sunday, May 22, 2011

new food

It is freeze dried beef and veggies, all raw. You rehydrate it int he fridge overnight. 

We tried it, and while Waffle seemed to like it, we were not fans. You have to refrigerate it, but we don't want to give her cold food, so we have to nuke it a bit to warm it up, which makes the microwave smell.  So not really sold on it.

what do you guys feed? Should we be feeding her more veggies, or is her Natural Balance Lamb and rice enough? I am thinking aobut adding some sort of joint supplement and maybe salmon oil. What do you guys do?


Mango said...

Hmmmm... why not cold food? Tummy trouble? I often buy a bag of the pre chopped broccoli and cauliflower (because I am lazy) and put a handful into their food. They also like frozen green beans and I keep jars of fruit or vegetable only baby food on hand as well. Apples and bananas too. Nom.

I have found that the dogs are more regular when I supplement with fresh fruit and veggies. So when I give them their morning meal, there is always something extra. My husband feeds them dinner and that is just kibble. Dex eats Natural Balance kibble. Mango eats part Natural Balance and part special WD kibble from the vet for his sensitive tummy.

Mango Momma

Brittany said...

Patriot gets Natures Recipe Fish and Potato along with a joint supplement.

Hobbs gets Kirkland (Costco) Lamb and Rice along with a joint supplement.

They both get a fish oil pill when I remember.

Megan & Snickers said...

I feed Paris a part raw part kibble diet. For breakfast she gets Blue Buffalo Chicken formula kibble and for dinner she gets 1/3 pound of raw meat/bone/organ meat that is ground together and I also throw in a fresh chicken neck. She also gets fish oil pills with each meal. When I first adopted her she had health problems for about 6-ish months, 5 months ago I switched her to this diet and she hasn't had any issues since. And she LOVES her raw!!

Erin and Co. said...

I was feeding RAW but since the PITS don't eat that and keeping them seperate was difficult, the dachshunds are on Wellness and Sweet Potato & White Fish + Fish Oil Capsules, and Rob is eating Bil Jac Puppy Food.

I also wonder why not let her eat it cold? Being a lab I doubt she cares about the temperature of her food, but more so that there is food! :))

Carrie and Waffle said...

I think we are too human sensitive, I keep thinking, I don't want to eat stone cold food....why would she. But ultimately she is all lab, and labs are 90% tummy, so perhaps it really doesn't matter. I think I do want to do the fish oil though her coat could be a bit shiny-er
Carrie, Waffle's person