Thursday, May 19, 2011


my poor little car stuffed or skewed with pvc pipe for the project 
They barely fit
Cutting up the pieces
The finished product! Waffle OVER!
Waffle WEAVE!
So Waffle loves agility, but I don't love the cost of her classes. So we decided to skip this last session and I promised her I'd build some stuff at home. Not being very DIY I wasn't sure what the end product would look like. But I'd say things worked out pretty well. It may not exactly be competition standard, but do you really see my Waffle running in formal competition? Not so much. 
But she loves the new toys and that's all that matters. It was cheap too. I think all told 8 weave poles and three jumps all for about $20, that would not even buy us one class. We are bribing a friend in construction  to make us a hold table, and looking a a cheap way to make a tunnel or chute. 
Yeah Agility!


Mango said...

That was super duper! Now you can do agility every day.


Raiser Erin said...

Yeah, I gotta admit. I can't really see Waffle doing the whol agility thing full time and professionally. "You want me to what now? Oh, but I'm tired right now, later I promise." :)