Friday, March 5, 2010

Fibs Waffle Told Me.....

by Truffie

1)Waffle: a tired dog is a bad dog- so make sure to get lots of sleep at night and in the car that way you can be up alert and active when at work, and in meetings.
SOOOOOO wrong!
2)Waffle: any water bottle is fair game to play with - Fibber they get really bent when you take the ones with stuff in them
3)Waffle: If you lay on your back and wave all 4 paws at the clouds it will rain kibble - uuuummmmmm ok I think she is lying about that one BUT not sure about that one yet, what if it really happened
4)Waffle: all good guide dogs practice standing on their heads- I did this everyday for a week, b4 the peeps told me the truth.
5)Waffle: There really is a puppy in the mirror-naw-uhhh I checked.....several times just to be sure
6)Waffle: Chasing your tail builds character - I figured that one our myself when the peeps kept laughing at me.
7)Waffle: Farting in public is totally acceptable - yeah get real even I knew that one was a fib
8)Waffle: Carrie enjoys a morning serenade, it helps her wake up....and she needs to be up at 5:30 to get to work - ok even I don't like my singing - especially in the morning, but I kept it up in the hopes of getting an early breakfast

9)Waffle: people have so many shoes they won't miss one or two..... she was half right, you need to hide the evidence some place where they won't find it

and the top fib Waffle has told me! The yellow in me will wash out in the rain! FIBBER! I checked after I had a bath.

All new pups beware what your older sibs tell you. Especially you yellow squishy dog, I can only imagine what the Chesely Belle will tell you.


Anna said...

I love you yellow, Truffle!!

Emily and the Labradors said...

Oh Truffle, sorry your big sister is telling you all those lies! My big sister does too, but luckily my big brother is a lot nicer and takes me aside to give me the straight poop. I am learning to pretty much ignore everything the sister tells me, and I suggest the same to you! It leads to a lot less hassle in your life.

All the best,

P.S. I think you are pretty cute... I wish you were a little older though!