Saturday, March 6, 2010


Time to say good bye! So long Farewell, Auf wiedersehen, Adu -- we got the news that Naughty - Nisha will be going on to doggy college next weekend. We puppy sat her for a while in the spring while her mom recovered from some surgery. It took a while to figure out who held the leash in the Waffle house, but once we worked that out she was a joy to have around. She will always be in our hearts and mom's wrist ;) Good luck Nisha Study hard, don't stay up too late with your roomie and listen to your teachers!

here is the letter from Nisha's mom about her recall.

It's official--yesterday I received my letter from GDB saying it was time for Nisha to go to Big Girl School! In one week!! Yikes--so many people to see and say goodbye to! Instead of dropping her off at the puppy truck at the Best Western in Ontario next Friday night, we're driving up Thursday and taking her on a sight seeing tour of SF on Friday before she begins boot camp. Then there's a Reception for Raisers on Sat. at the kennel from 10-3 and I'll have the opportunity to take her to her new diggs. It will be a rude awakening--definitely no golf course view...

If not guide work, I feel there's a career in Nisha's future as she is a very talented girl--too talented to be a pet (I think)! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers these coming weeks.

Warm regards,
Linda & Nisha

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