Saturday, March 20, 2010

our weekend

Our club meeting was at an outdoor shopping space. you know lots of parking lots and big box stores all around. We stoped in at petsmart and looked at all the poor pups in doggy day care on a sunny Saturday, I tossed the pup in a cart with her food, just too many people, dogs and carts. she was all over her brothers and I was sick and frazzled so the easiest thing was put her in the cart.

All the Kentucky pup's decided to take advantage of the carpet at best buy to have a puppy pile.

And as promised now that Truffie has her big girl shots Waffle took her to the park for some fun in the sun. We must have been a site to see. Truffie trying to walk under Waffle, me trying to correct her and getting Waffle instead and poor Waffle just trying to enjoy her trip to the park. Towards the end we got things together, we will have to keep up the practice. In this picture neither of them is happy with the experience- there was a bit of sibling spatting going on.


Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Ha... Hosta tries to walk under Ellie too!! Relieved to know it's not just me looking like a fool out there with a crazy puppy!! he he! He is getting better now that he's taller, but he still tries to shortcut under if she's standing in his way. So funny. Looks like a great outting!

Pauline said...

She's getting so tall. Is she still really pouncy? Can she jump over the fence?