Friday, March 12, 2010

Guess what....

By Waffle
I got a new toy and Truffie got her rabies shot! Ohh don't be like that she got some good stuff too, I think she had a sandwich with mortadella (Carrie: that's Bordatella and it was a shot not a sandwich)
Ok -so the vet visit didn't exactly make her day, but because she has her big girl shots I promised her that she could come with us on our next walk to the park.

Here is the Truf-Truf waiting at the vet for her shots. For some reason she is 16 weeks but her actual month date is the 14th, they almost wouldn't giver her shots until they counted for themselves.

And because BFF made me

The newest measurement of miss Truffle.

The ruler is upside down, she is actually 15 inches and about 26 lbs - I still remeber when she was half that size!

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Pauline said...

Truffie, you are sure getting big! Glad to see that you are growing into your face wrinkles. You don't look so worried these days.