Sunday, November 28, 2010

This little light o' mine....Part 1

By Truffie

So like most of my other blogger pals I'm in the throws of teenage hormones, some times I just lose my little puppy mind. Don't know how it happens, but it all goes blurry and before I know it I'm sitting in jail. I blame it on my tail, you know. It has a mind of it's own, I try and tell it to play cool, yet it's always leading me into trouble.

Case in point, earlier this month I had a little trouble that ended up with me on the wrong end of a ray gun. 
So this is what a working flash light is supposed to look like, notice all the parts. 
So the peeps were trying out teaching me how to stay at home by myself. I already have been sleeping free for several months now. Guide Dogs recommend by starting with leaving me in a puppy-proof room for 10 mins and upping the time as I get used to it. Well by early Oct. I was a pro, I could stay at home for about two hours all by myself - thank you. So what happened next I tried to blame Waffles but the evidence speaks for its self. 

The evidence - notice there are a few parts missing
Mom was going out with her girl friends and BFF had to work late, so Mom fed me dinner and left me and my toy box (Carrie: full of bones might I mention) to play until BFF came home. Usually I take an after dinner nap or chew industriously on my bones until I fall asleep. Except that night my tail said 'hey lets jump on the sofa and look at all the pretty things up there'. I know, I know  '4 on the floor' and all that but what can I say I'm a slave to my tail. After that my tail decided that we should take a look at what was on the fireplace shelf/hearth thingy - I only had to put two paws on that to see what was there - so technically I was only half breaking the rules
That's when my tail really got me in trouble. You see when ever I'm happy it waggs, and well I like to be happy so when my tail said chewing on that flashlight would make it happy and chewing up the parts would make my tail would wag really fast, well what's a girl to do? I tried and tried to resist, but my tail sat there limp and sad - which made me sad and I don't do sad, but I knew this would be trouble, but one little nibble couldn't hurt.

The parts that went into my tummy
It started with one little chomp, but ended with a me facing down this ray gun. You see one little chomp lead to another, then another and pretty soon.....well you see the pieces up there? You get the picture. Actually don't know why there was such a fuss, everything went down without a hitch, actually I only got 1/4 of the silver thing down, I was working on the rest when BFF got home, (note to self: never bring evidence to the authorities, next time hide in Waffle's bed) she took one look at the silver thing and freaked! FREAKed is the only way to describe the wild chase around the room as she threw pillows and blankets hither and yon looking for the rest of the flashlight.

FREAK! BFF starts opening my mouth, feeling around with her fingers, don't know what she was looking for I'm not a chipmunk, then she starts patting me down like she's TSA and I flunked the metal detector. She moves on to The Waffler, after several calls to my leader, I get tossed into the car and off we all go into the night. Driving like the Freak she is BFF has Eggo on speaker phone from Minnesota giving her directions to the emergency pet clinic. PET CLINIC WHAT'S WRONG WITH WAFFLE!

to be continued.....

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