Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I won! by Waffle

He He He my BFF is at work so while no one is looking I wanted to get a post up on my blog. Especially because


Lani- the brat is gone, she's been gone for a while now. She was the 1st one voted off the island. Meli and I made a pack- she was the low hanging fruit, poor little pup didn't stand a chance. Voting Melody off took a lot of puppy eyes and kisses, those weren't bribes or anything, and I didn't make any promises (well I did agree to be a winter time bed warmer, but HEY it's cold here in LA) so it took a while longer but I managed to get Melody voted off too. Mom was a tough nut, she bought into the pretty hazel puppy eyes of Meli, but my BFF stood by me and we voted and now she's gone.

he he he he

I wonder how much kibble 1 million will buy.

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Emily and Douglas said...

Congratulations Waffle! That is great ;)