Monday, October 20, 2008

Who, Where and When

Another Lani at Camp picture

The WHY is pretty crazy and goes back three weeks. Our group is pretty small just 4 dogs and two of them are being raised in one family. We have a few new members but not a whole lot of places where dogs in season can stay. So when Melody went into season and attracted the attention of precocious 4.5 month old Foxfire (Focus's brother) we needed to make some switches. Needless to say none of wanted to make that phone call to Rick (our CFR). That's the WHY - but wait there is more

So Meli came to be with us, I didn't want to give up Lani but three dogs in the house was a handful and I had to do a lot of travel for work. So Lani went to Melody's house. But Meli's people were going up to see their pup Eddie graduate from D4D this past weekend and couldn't take her for the whole time. So after a week there, she went to Linda's, a new raiser for puppy sitting. She was scheduled to be there for about 10 days until Meli came out of heat, we'd do some moves and then all would be right in the puppy raising world.

BUT(here is the rest of the WHY) Mom pinched a nerve in her back and really shouldn't be chasing after puppies, I have to fly to San Jose for work so keeping anybody is out of the questions. Melody went home a few days early and Lani gets to stay at Camp Linda until our next group meeting on the 28th. I miss having a pup.

GOT IT? Wheeeeewww

So here is the update, Linda is providing the most amazing experience for my girl. She called me just to let me know what's up (I really didn't know her that well, she joined over the summer when I was working camp) Lani was playing with her CC'd golden from GDA and they were having a blast! Linda's dogs have squeaky toys*, and really cool bolster dog beds, Linda mentioned her coat was a bit dry so she gave her an oatmeal bath! My pup had a spa treatment! On top of that she is arranging play dates for her. This last update was from Linda about Lani's trip to visit a friend with a pool.

Lani only intentionally went in on the top step. While reaching for a toy in the pool, she fell into the shallow end and we guided her right to the steps. She didn't seem frightened by the ordeal, but didn't try to go in after that. So we just let her hang out around the pool w/ an older Golden and she was fine. Lani and Jackson, my friend's 4 YO Golden, had a great time chasing each other around the yard. She insisted on picking up and chewing on green lemons (about large lime size) that had prematurely fallen from the tree. I thought that the first time she punctured the skin she would spit it out, but she liked to keep rolling it around in her mouth. Too funny! She's invited back next weekend for another play date and anytime this week while my friend and her husband are at work we're welcome to stop by to play. Lani walked into her crate that's here in my bedroom, made a U-turn and instead curled up on a dog blanket I have next to my side of the bed. She's fast asleep and I don't have the heart to wake her up, so I'm just going to let her sleep.

So I've been short a dog for a while and I miss it. I still had Waffle and Meli at home, but it still would have been nice to be able to take one out every now and again. So until then I'll be just posting old pictures and waiting for my girl to come home.
* yes, I know squeakies are illegal, but Linda didn't, she put them away but the damage was done - so to speak.

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