Monday, October 13, 2008


I'm having technical difficulties with my camera so I don't have any new pictures to post of the pups. Plus with Lani gone on vacation things have been pretty quite around here.

So Continuing my trend of posting about OPD - someone sent me this and I thought it was cute. I think if they had a trampoline at GDB it is possible that Waffle might have stuck around a while.

I have a question about fleas. Waffle and Melody have been coming up w/fleas. I flea comb them and found 1 or 2, even though both have had their flea treatment. Any ideas?


Anna and Lynn said...

A raiser in my club had that problem--I suggest when you put the flea treatment on, to speckle it all over the back AND sides of the pup's body. Also, some of that flea shampoo should help for now.

Lani said...

thanks Anna
we tried giving them a bath and that seems to have done the trick....except now they have itchy dry skin.... but atlease they smell clean