Thursday, October 2, 2008

Summer Camp Photos

It's picture post time.

Just an example of using our resources wisely....Lani in one of the dish sinks in the kitchen

Gotta love that sprayer

and a floor that can be easily mopped.

What can I say....Idle paws umm err teeth are the devils playground.

Lani and I would drive around and deliver food to the kids who were cooking out. If I stopped to chat too long this is what would great me when I got back.

Calender shot?

The Staff house has these metal snow stairs (yes it does snow in so. cal)

Two flights of snow stairs, the kind with wide grids that like to reach up and bite off the toes of little guide dog puppies. We worked all summer on her going up and down these stairs. Up is never a problem it is just going down that is hard, especially at night.

So I don't know how to rotate this, so those of you who have laptops you might want to turn them to view this.

We worked all summer on her learning to like water, never really learned to 'like' it, but she had a few special friends who she'd follow into the lake to play.

Sunset over the lake

Dusk at the lake beach
Lani loved camp and the lovely people who work there. Folks would aways come by and visit, she learned how to ride on golf carts and the most important thing... you can't walk on water. See I was in the pool and she was walking the pool deck, I called her over and before I knew it she had walked right into the pool, you should have seen the shock on her face! I raced over and grabbed her and brought her over the the stairs. Wow you should have heard her then, if dogs could curse I think she was turning the air blue! she would race to the edge of the pool bark and then run back and hide behind the life guard walking the deck. Every time she got her nerve up she would come to the edge of the pool and bark at me. It was like she was saying, 'get out get out don't you know you could drown!'
the camp nurses where fond of walking over and 'borrowing' her to sit with a homesick camper or snuggle with a staff member who had a bad day. There was one group of unruly Brownies - yeah 7-8-9 year olds can be unruly, whose staff wanted some help controlling their unit. We paid them a visit and I did the standard sphell: how old is she, did I name her, where does she sleep ect.. I told them that she was really really smart. Smarter than they where infact. They argued, but I said watch can you do this, I gave Lani the 'sit' command and my little puddin' planted her rear, well I looked at them, and 20 little bottoms hit the ground, I said stand - they all rushed to line up, next I had them practice stay which - I said means you have to stay quietly in place, and it worked! God I'm probably going to burn in hell for that, but it got twenty crazed kids to listen to their staff.
Ahh isn't summer grand!


Megan and Spanky said...

Great pictures and I think you Calendar pic is awesome. Lani is gorgeous and yay for water dogs. Spanky is my first puppy to actually get in the water it makes me so happy. :)

Emily, Suede, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Great pictures!! Looks like it was an awesome summer!

Pauline said...

Lani, a role model for girl scouts. I am so proud!