Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

A long time ago when I started this blog it was just me and Waffle's human sister (my sister infact) in St. Paul, MN. It was a way for me to share pics and news with Eggo ( my sister). So Eggo here you go, the Halloween pics. Lani actually helped hand out cookies to kids. But she did a costume change and wore Waffle's old Incredibles outfit.

Other news, we took Lani to Costco and she was being a brat. Well not really but still kind of bratty. We've been trying to get her used to her halti, which she hates. All in all she is excellent walking on a loose leash, but at GDB they often train in a head collar, so I wanted her to be comfortable in one. Well the whole time she is there she is pouting about having to wear her halti. Ears down, puppy eyes and rubbing against me tying to get it off. Silly Labbie- suck it up! After a while she perked up, especially after she kept getting complements from people, after a while I gave her a break and took it off. She perked up and was well behaved the rest of the trip. She kept looking at me as if to say "see I don't need the halti". Other than that she was pretty good about the carts, kids and gunk on the floor. We looked at the moving, singing and twinkling lights that are on display for xmas and she didn't even blink an eye, I don't think she really noticed things up that high.

We got home and Waffle and I took a nap on the sofa (the perks of being a college drop out!) and after being put out by smelly dog breath, we did a little personal hygiene with the girls. The little one was much better at the teeth and ear thing than the big girl who just wanted to steal the tub of toothpaste and run into the yard.

Mom wanted a picture of the pups next to the plumeria tree with the de-constructed jack-o-lantern.

I told Waffle that she's turning into a grumpy old dog, so for Halloween I pulled out the Eeyore costume.

Lani was watching the Bee Movie on TV in preparation for her Halloween costume

Ok in the end they both looked so miserable that we just made them wear the costumes for the pictures. The video is of Waffle walking around in her outfit. The 'costume's are actually terry cloth toddler bath 'hoodies' - those towels you wrap kids up in after a bath.

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