Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'mmmmmm Back!!!!!!!!!!

I'm back! yes after a nice stay at camp Linda (aka the puppy sitter) I'm home again. My BFF picked me up at our puppy meeting. Actually I was much more excited to see my puppy pals: Richie, Melody and Foxfire. I was so excited to see them I was hopping and jumping I didn't even notice that my BFF was even there. Then Linda (that's me and her) pointed her out to me. I was so excited my entire body wiggled.

This is Richie, the big boy of our club, he goes to college next month. Such a goofy guy he likes to 'talk' with his paws. If you're close enough he likes 'pat' you in the face. Some times he's a little rough but I know he means well.

But just in case I stayed clear of his big feet.

This is the way Melody likes to sit. It is kind of funny, I guess though this means she has good hips. Rick our CRF was very excited when he saw her.

Here is Foxfire, kind of a mouthful if you ask me. I mean that's almost a two bark name. But he is really fun, although I worry just how big he's going to be. You see I'm 11 months old and he is just 5 months and we are the same size!

Foxfire and Richie

We were waiting for a table at the Cheesecake Factory and the boys started goofying around. I don't mean to brag but those two kept playing under the table during dinner - not like me I was good (Carrie: aaahhemm, aaahheeem Lani, did you mention that you were seated on the far side of the table by yourself.....hhhhhmmmmm?)

Eeewwwhhh you have dog breath

Melody, Me, Ritchie and Foxfire

Our little club. Which by November will be getting a lot smaller, Ritchie and Meli go back at Thanksgiving, and no one wants to get a new dog just before Christmas, which I think is quite silly. Who wouldn't want one of us think of all the fun, the tree, the lights, great uncle Jimmy's cane. Sadly I think most will be waiting until spring, when we might be getting 3 new pups.
I was asking Waffle what college is like and she said it is pretty fun. Not as nice as being at home, I hear the dorms are a little spartan, but she said I'd get to eat fun things like peanut butter. I like to eat so I hope it's fun but I'm not sure I want to leave home.
Speaking of fun, at our meeting we got to hang out at this outdoor mall with these crazy fountains. They shot jets of water up high into the air, it went 'poof' and the water splashed, it was cool I had to stop and watch and watch and watch, then I realized that noise that I usually tune out was my BFF and it was time to go home.
Ahhhh there's no place like home.

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We're glad you'r back home Lani!