Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dear Mom

I miss you!
When are you coming home? You flew all the way to eat turkey with Eggo? Lani and I would have shared our kibble with you. I hear Minesoooota is cold and that they make their dogs jump into cold lakes to pick up dead ducks. YUCK!

Aren't you cold? They told me about snow, and who wants to pee in that? I mean Eggo is your daughter and all that, but she has thumbs she can feed herself. Lani and I need you at home.

Speaking of yuck, Carrie dumped me into the tub and scrubbed me good. Now I smell like soap, and not like Labrador. Tonight Carrie tricked me and said "mom's home!" I ran to your bed room looking for you, but you weren't there.

I mean things aren't so bad, your bed is comfortable and Lani goes to work everyday-so I have the house to myself. Carrie has been walking me a lot more, and it is not like I'm starving. But it is not the same. I think Lani misses you more though, in the evening she sits at Carrie's feet and cries and barks, I think she misses how you used to sit with her at night.

All I can say is it that better be some good turkey.

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