Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

by Lani and Waffle
We the resident dogs are thankful for a lot of things, people are spending today eating themselves silly, so us dogs - who would like to- but lack opposable thumbs, used our noses to post this message. (wait til carrie sees the laptop :))

The dogs are thankful for:
kibble, warm blankets, dry grass, kibble, heaters in the winter, fans in the summer, kibble, toddlers who drop snacks on the floor, toddlers who smear snacks all over the family dog, Kibble, sunrises (time to play), kibble, sunset (time to snuggle up), kibble, walks around the neighborhood, our human mom and BFF, costco dog beds, kibble, people pillows that fall on the floor, tummy rubs, ear sudgies, clean water and kibble...

Pillows in the Sun

Snuggly Friends

Big Girl Kennels

Nylabones, and Jollyballs

Peanut Butter (Lani: Peanut What?)

Silly Humans

Runs on the Beach

sharing with friends.

'Cuz here is one thing us dogs know that humans seem slow to pick up on. Until your paws are empty they will never be free to receive all the good things the universe has to offer (like kibble). So we are thankful for being able to share what we have EVERYDAY.

You have opposable thumbs what are you waiting for?

Guide Dogs for the Blind


****No turkeys were harmed in the making of this post. ****


Madison and Andros said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Glad you had fun! I love the pictures of what you're thankful for! :)

Anna and Lawrence said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Yep, the pictures of Fellow shows the new vests. I think they're ugly, but whatever :)

Emily and the Labradors said...

Happy Thanksgiving girls! You do have much to be thankful for... that kibble is amazing stuff! I especially live the picture of (Lani? Waffle?) on the big girl bed. Too cute!