Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fire Update

Thanks to Joanna I reccieved an update about the fires in Sylmar. I saw the news late last night and it looked awefully close to where GDA is located. Here is an email from Joann's blog.

Hey guys,for those of you who don't know, there is an awful awful fire right near GDA right now. It started late last night and is raging full on today. GDA employees evacuated dogs around 12am last night, and they are all safe. The GDA campus is still in danger itself, so please please pray the fire is stopped quickly before any more damage can be done.It's driving me crazy not being able to help. but all the freeways to where they are are closed so there's really no way to get there. I know some puppy raisers who are able to get there are helping walk the dogs to stretch out their legs. Right now they're staying in the vans and crates, so it's pretty cramped quarters.So please keep GDA in your prayers -- that the campus is safe and the dogs can return (SAFELY) soon. Please keep all the employees out there helping safe and sane. And also, keep the firefighters in your prayers!!

for those who don't live in fire country, we usually see stuff like this once every other year or so, but it seems like we've had quite a few in just the last few months. Let's hope the crazy's don't get an idea and decide to go out and start more.

LA Times Article

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Princess Coral said...

Hi Loni & Waffle,

I enjoy reading your blog.
We're not foreign to wildfires here in San Diego! We were hit hard in 2003 and 2007. I do hope that the fires in LA area will be contained asap! I almost went to GDA last year, and the staff there were very nice during the application process. I talked to my friend who works for the Guide Dogs of the Desert. She said that Desert is standing by just in case GDA needs to bring their dogs. My first guide dog (only during the training) is now cc'd and living in San Fernando Valley. Hope all is well. My thoughts are with GDA and everyone who is going through the fires and the firefighters.