Monday, November 3, 2008

Tummy Time by Lani

Do any of you other pups have this problem? Your tummy says it's time to eat, but the clock doesn't agree. It has been especially bad since something called 'day light savings' my BFF said we moved the clocks back an hour so that we have more daylight during the morning. Ooooohhhh I wish she had explained this earlier to me.

You see on Sunday Waffle and I woke up the sun looked right and there was a rumbly in my tumbly so I went off to wake up the peeps. Well they rolled over and told us to get lost that it was too early. *HUH?* So we tried again a little less polite Waffle jumped up to plead our case and all we got was a scolding.

I should tell you Waffle has a great sense of time. The peeps usually tell her "7am or 8:15" and she is pretty spot on with getting us all up at that time. So I just trust her judgement on time and even though my tummy says it's time to eat all the time I watch her and follow lead. So when she started complaining about dinner being late I chimed in and started in too. Both of us sitting on the living room floor mumbling under our breaths, until finally my BFF said "that's enough both of you!"

By now even Waffle is trying to figure out whats up, so Monday morning when she woke up at the regular time and no response from the peeps, she hopped up on top of Carrie's chest and demanded some answers. That's when we got the whole day light savings time lecture. I have to admit it is a good idea, but people should take a lesson from us dogs. When the light comes up it is time to eat and play and when it's dark we sleep.

Watches! we don't need no stikin' watches. When it's Tummy Time it is Tummy Time


Denise said...

I had the same problem with my girls Sunday Morning after Catalina and I had been at a wedding all night to.

Lani said...

Yeah we thought Sunday would be the adjustment period, but when it stretched out onto monday we had to have a little chat.