Monday, November 10, 2008

Puppy Meeting

Our club is fact at the end of the month we will be positively tiny. Currently we have 4 dogs with two going back to San Rafael at the end of the month. Our CRF Rick, likes to see the pups before they go back so this Sunday we met up with him at Downtown Disney. Well you can't go to Disney without running into at least one service dog. So Guess who we saw?

Guide Puppy In Training.... Russell from Santa Barbara Sight Seers

'Oh whats that?!'
he is such a good boy, and he is in the same club as Lillibell, one of Lani's sisters. I asked Russell if he would pass my business card on to Lillibell's people, I'd love to hear from them.

I was having a hard time getting good pictures of the pup, she looks like a shrimp! Everything at Disney is sooo large and well she is kind of short and stubby. So here we are outside of one of our favorite potty spots. The Grand California has a nice lawn where she can do her business and chill in front of a nice warm fire.

Lani in front of the title mosaic check in desk

Mr. Goof Ball...aka Ritchie posing for the camera

Lani was a bit tired of taking pictures with her friend Melody

This would have been a great pic, but I cut off part of Ms. Melody

The Girls and a human puppy
Foxfire and Lani, who was a little upset when I told her we were NOT going into the park

All in all it was a nice day, sunny- not too hot with lots of blue sky. We did a good bit of training, working on walking on a loose leash in a crowd, and not eating the popcorn off the floor. Rick looked at her and said she was sweet. Sweet, Sweet WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Waffle was sweet too but she flunked out. So it was a little frustrating that we didn't get too much feed back, but I guess no news is good news. I guess he saw some signs of stress in Ritchie and and mentioned that Foxfire needs a head collar. So I suppose we should be happy. Lani did fine with him but she kept turning around looking for me. She walked around the Rainforest Cafe, past the huge fish tank and over this metal grate and the air door for the restaurant. She was fantastic! wooo hoo what a good girl. So I guess I stick with 'Sweet' for now. I used to think my ego couldn't handle another CC pup, but then in conversation with Rick I come to find out that he hasn't graduated a pup either! His last pup went to Dogs4Diabetics and just graduated, but neither Rick or Melanie (my leader) has had a pup graduate.
One of these days. Until then I guess I'll go snuggle with my sweetie.


Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Ahhh what cuties! :)

Megan, Fullerton & Spanky said...

What a fun meeting. That picture of Richie cracks me up. He looks like you are about to shoot him or something. Good luck to all the pups going back for training. All the pups look great.

Erin and guide pup Midnight said...

Sounds like our group, we only had two pups up until recently!

Lani said...

yeah for some reason they don't want our club to grow to over 6 dogs. So it makes it kind of hard, It would be more fun if we had more raisers and would make puppy siting easier.

And Ritchie has always been funny, he loves to use is paws to get your attention and on that day would only lie flat or sit up straight no in between, Silly Labbie.