Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Puppy Daddy

This in from the latest post from GDB's blog, all about new careers for career changed pups. One of them was as cancer detectors. Several former GDB dogs tried out to be part of the study but guess who made the cut? Freeman - My Taco Bell's -Dad!

Taco as she is now called by her forever family is known to have been my problem child. But she always has been the most beautiful and wickedly smart of all my pups. She is bright but also slightly ADHD *sigh* remember she is the one who ate the paper clip and had to have emergency surgery at Funday, and later she chowed on 3lbs of grapes......but she is loved by all.

Daddy Freeman

They had a nice write up about all of the dogs chosen for the study at the Pine Street Foundation. The agency doing the study. They have found that pups can actually find and detect cancer just from the breath! Wow amazing.

I think the last black lab in the cancer segment is Freeman. Don't know him personally, but his collar tags match his picture. So yeah GO DADDY!

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