Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My pups are sooooooooooo LA. (and were not talkin' Louisiana)

Just how LA are they? Well we are seeing possibly the 1st rain Lani has ever had to pee in and she doesn't like it. I had to drag both girls out to the wet soggy lawn, I even had to block Waffle's dash back into the house, and in the process lost Lani. I had to get her leash and take her. And yes they both practiced the famous tri-pod pee method.

I tired to explain to Lani that GDB has a lot of rain and she'd better get used to it. Why do I always get the labs who haven't read the lab hand book.

Los Angeles Rain a rare sight to behold

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Elizabeth and Alana said...

LOL, Lani would never last in Humboldt. ;) My puppies are surprised when they get to pee with NO rain.