Friday, December 5, 2008

Bliss to YOU!

A friend once asked why I raise dogs - do the hard stuff - and just as they are getting good give them away. The usual answer, my grandfather was blind, we love the breed, it's giving back..... but truly the answer is that the pups give me much more than I give them. Each and everyone of them has taught me something. Tacoma-patience, Waffle-unconditional love, and Lani-Joy. Each of them has given me more than I can ever imagine.

Doing a far better job than I expressing what dogs can give us is Trixie Koontz, she was a service dog with CCI before elbow surgery forced an early retirement. She moved in with the author Dean Koontz and settled down to a second career as an author, she has written three books including her last one "Bliss to you" the proceeds go to support CCI. Since my life has become all things guide dogs, I broke down and bought a copy. Well worth it - especially 'cuz it helps the pups.

Besides who could resist that face.

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