Thursday, December 4, 2008

Eye Dog Foundation?

Has anyone heard of either the Eye Dog Foundation and or the Braille Monitor? My sister, Eggo who is a legal librarian saw this on a listserv she gets. I think the article is extremely slanted, but none the less it brings to light some very disturbing valid sounding concerns these puppy raisers have.

Basically it sounds like there was a power struggle over the running of the school and the puppy raisers have refused to return their dogs because there is currently no licenced trainer at the facility, and no way of ensuring the welfare of the pups. I guess the school has threatened legal action to get the dogs back, and the raisers where looking for legal help. All in all it is really tragic. But it makes me think what I'd do if I felt Lani was in danger, I too remember that contract which states Lani is the property of GDB. It is hard to think of her as property.

"Of Disrepute and Dysfunction at the Eye Dog Foundation for the Blind" - Article form the Braille Monitor


TSE Puppyraiser said...

I heard about that dispute with EDF. The Seeing Eye is actually still lending their trainers to EDF grads for follow-ups and things like that. It's such a shame for those poor puppies though but I agree with the raisers. How can you have them sit in a kennel for God knows how long and you don't even know if they'll be trained at all?! It's a sad thing.

Lani said...

Truely it is