Monday, December 29, 2008

Picture post and contest by Lani

So the last couple of days my BFF has been out of control, it is some weird Japanese thing about everything being clean for the new year. How you start the year is who it will go for the rest of the year. So Sat we got our frontline and for once Waffle didn't throw a fit. The Peeps were ready for the worst, but she sat there like an adult for a change maybe my good example has been rubbing off on her. On Sunday we got our teeth brushed and ears cleaned little did I know that on Monday the other shoe would drop. Yeah my BFF lured me into the bathroom and before I knew it Waffle and I were dumped into the tub.

AND she wasn't done yet, after the bath we all loaded up the car and went for a drive. It was kind of late so I was kind of surprised to find us at the mall. My peeps had arranged for us to have a real photo shoot. WOW I'm going to be a star! I guess all of my BFF's pups get their photo's taken at a year. Kind of like a school picture. It was lots of fun, the photographer kept making funny sounds and my BFF and her sister Eggo kept waving at me. We took lots of pictures, some just us pups and some with the family. I think I look pretty good... (these are photos of photos.)

It is kind of hard to take good pictures of black pups, and this photo of the photo doesn't do us justice, but trust me we are really cute. Waffle is in purple and I'm in pink.

The peeps are pretty photo happy these days, we also went to D-land to take some photos with all the Christmas decorations, except there really weren't that many. Oh well here I am looking all grown up.

Posing out in front of California Disney

A 30 foot xmas tree Us Girls out by a fountain

Remember I said that my BFF and Eggo where waving at us during the photo shoot, well I thought they wanted me to come to them, so I got up and ran, just as I did the photographer person snapped this photo. It is kind of embarrassing but the peeps have decided on making it their Happy New Years Card (they kind of slacked on the Christmas Card thing and are making up for it now). BUT they need help with figuring out a caption for the card should be and are looking for suggestions.

Here is the picture, remember it is a picture of a picture

Stop laughing, dumb photographer.

Anyway my BFF says that there is a prize for the best caption. Leave your entry in the comments section and she will select a winner. The prize, it is a sweatshirt with a black lab puppy on it (Carrie: yes I'm regifting, but I like to think of it as recycling to save the planet). I'll ask her to post a picture of it later. So sharpen your pencils and turn in your best quotes, even though I begged and pleaded with her not to, she is going to send these out to her friends to celebrate the new year.

*sigh* the things I do.... love Lani

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