Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas Morning

We took sooo many pictures that morning. It was look here, look there we looked everywhere!

Well us pups had a great xmas morning, there was lots of things going on, lots of secrets, late night gift wrapping and lots of cookie crumbs to lick off the floor. People are pretty funny they can't hold a secret to save their lives. Carrie is the worst, she kept telling us what what she bought for everyone. She had to tell someone and I guess we are safe, since Eggo doesn't speak dog very well silly her, I guess she forgot we type English pretty well. But since we are good sports I kept my mouth shut.

Slouchy pals, unusual as Waffle is allowing Lani to touch her, cool picture of our tree
We both got new nyla bones, and Waffle got a Mega Wubba, which is like a fabric covered kong with tassels, but like as big as my head! I guess I can't play with it just yet. Carrie says when I go off to school I get to have neat things like peanut butter and wubbas, right now I just get nyla bones.

a new Olympic sport, synchronized tongues? Chewing on Christmas nyals
Even though we both got the same thing I had to play musical toys with Waffle just to make sure hers wasn't any more tasty than mine.

Well in the afternoon, the sun tracks across the family room. Waffle usually plants herself in its path and will move with the sun. Well this day I was cold too and wanted in on the sun action. As you can see Waffle is in the corner of her bed but I wanted to be there to. I tired everything I could think of to get her to move. I nibbled a little on her head, I asked nicely, I pawed her, I brought toys from the toy chest to see if she would get up and play with them so I could have the basket to myself. No dice.... so in the end Carrie told me that both of us could share, SHARE! what a great idea and a great way to end the Christmas day. Here is hoping you all had a warm and snugly day.

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